Prayer and Devotionals

We are a Christian fellowship/ministry first and a bike “club” second. We will begin and end all rides with Christian prayer (in the name of Jesus!) and include a short devotional reading during a break at some point in the ride, led by the ride leader. By pausing amid the splendor of His creation to thoughtfully consider some aspect of our walk of faith, we aim to grow closer as a group and share the Good News of salvation with everyone. Ride leaders will always be ready to answer your questions and take your prayer requests, that we as a group might bear one another’s burdens while growing in relationship with our Lord and Savior.

About Our Rides

All BOMB group rides are “no-drop” rides designed to foster fun, fellowship and enthusiasm for the sport. We want to encourage maximum participation and make planning easy for everyone. A preliminary calendar of scheduled rides will be posted on the web site at the beginning of the season and updated as required. Once you sign up to get on our e-mail distribution list, you can expect to receive a “ride notice” e-mail a few days in advance of the next scheduled ride with the all the pertinent details:

Location: Where to meet, and directions if necessary

Time: The listed time opens an approximately 15-minute window for riders to gather gear up and pray before riding. A meeting time of 6PM means the ride leader will depart with the group by 6:15. Please honor your fellow riders by arriving and being ready to ride on time!

Ride description: Level of difficulty (easy/beginner, intermediate, advanced) along with a general overview of the ride distance, elevation gain, other factors (i.e. expected weather, terrain, special considerations) and the estimated time from start to finish, including a short devotional (see below).

Ride leader: The designated BOMB leader responsible for the outing.

In addition to the ride leader, a “sweeper” will also be designated for every ride to ensure no one gets left behind. Your willingness to assist is appreciated! We definitely want to use group rides as an opportunity to build riding skills and confidence, but be careful about exceeding your limitations, especially early in the season! If you have any questions about a specific ride be sure to contact the listed ride leader before the day of the ride.